For Curly Hair

Curly hair need additional hydration to maintain their soft shiny bounce. These hair care products infused more hydration while reducing frizzy effects by sealing down the outer layer of the hair.

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  • Pro Hair Care

    Curly Hair Cream

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    KINSTYLE Curly Cream 150ml

    A curly hair cream that creates soft structured curls.

  • For Normal to Dry Hair

    KINACTIF™ N°1 Nourishing Melting Extract

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    Leave-in Treatment for Normal to Dry Hair Types

    KINACTIF™ N°1 NOURISHING MELTING EXTRACT does exactly what its name says it is. A nourishing formulation of extracts that melt deep into the hair for thermal protection and all-day hydration. It is lightly scented, sulfate and silicone free, and 87% of its ingredients are naturally derived, producing soft shiny frizz-free results to your hair’s finished look.

  • For Dry Damaged Hair

    KINACTIF™ N°1 Nutrition Rich Nourishing Shampoo

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    Nutrition for Normal to Dry Hair Types

    If you’re looking for a rich luxurious shampoo that gently cleanses dry hair put KINACTIF™ N°1 NUTRITION RICH NOURISHING SHAMPOO add this one to your cart. This lightly scented shampoo is sulfate and silicone free, and produces soft shiny results, adding vital nutrients your hair is lacking.

  • For Curly Hair

    Nourishing Hydrating Oil for Hair

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    Ultra-concentrated oil-based essences nourish the hair and control frizz. Provides softness, elasticity, and radiant shine.

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