KINMEN Beard Cream 50ml


​Beard and Skin Soothing Balm

​Beard and Skin Soothing Balm

A balm that softens and gives control to the beard. It revitalizes, protects, and moisturizes the beard and skin thanks to the action of Vitamin E. It has an anti-frizz effect, giving elasticity and a silky feel.

You should purchase this beard cream if you are:

  • A guy!
  • A lover of rich earthy manly aroma
  • Prefer the bearded look

You should not purchase this beard cream if you are:

  • A Lady!
  • Like flowery, feminine aroma

How to use:

Put a small amount of the product on the palm of the hand. Work the product evenly over the beard hair with your fingers or using a comb. Do not rinse.


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