Hair Salon

A professional hair salon in Los Angeles, tucked away in a private setting.

A hair salon open to women and men.

Clients have fallen in love with the privacy and serenity of our hair salon. It allows us to customize the salon experience for maximum enjoyment. The common areas of Sola Salon Suites in Monrovia CA are well maintained, sleek, with conveniently located near Sprouts Market, Trader Joes, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many Monrovia, Arcadia, and Pasadena dining choices.  

A message from Kim Hansen, owner of BLU Salon.

I’ve worked in and owned traditional salons models my entire career. At the beginning of the Covid crisis, I made the decision to make the health and safety of my clients the forefront of the salon services I offer. My clients now enjoy my private studio that allows me to practice in a clean safe environment.

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