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We offer a full range of luxury salon services in our private suite, located in Monrovia, CA, for your privacy and relaxation.

An Exemplary End Result

Indulge in a transformative experience at Monrovia’s premier luxury hair salon. Our expert stylists curate a personalized menu of salon services designed to elevate your hair to its most exquisite state. Whether you seek a sophisticated cut, a touch of vibrant color, or a rejuvenating treatment, we cater to your every desire with unparalleled service and the finest hair care products.

Whether it’s a haircut for women or men, hair color, or hairstyling service you need, we guarantee the results. After a thorough consultation to determine your desired results, we explain your options, the process, pricing, and the magic begins. Consultations are always complimentary and suggested for new clients so that you feel confident in our ability to achieve your desired look.

We also offer virtual salon services consultations for your convenience. Clients often want our advice on what haircut or color will look best. Consultations are a perfect way to take 30 minutes out of your day to discover a new hairstyle. Our goal is always to take the stress out of salon services and have you leave feeling 100% satisfied with your hairstyle.

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Many hairstylists love hair color, sometimes making a fabulous haircut hard to come by. We’ve taken extensive training in both haircutting and hair coloring. We also train hair stylists in the skill of cutting hair. Mastering the art of the haircut can take years, because it requires an understanding of growth patterns, hair density, and texture. This especially applies to men’s haircuts, women’s short haircuts, or haircuts with a fringe. Just a little shorter can ruin a haircut, just a little longer can have you pulling your hair out (not literally) between salon visits, and for long haired fans a trim is sometimes just a trim. We listen each and every time to assure your style is just the way you like it. 


Our goal with any hair color is to create a color that looks natural, healthy and shiny from the roots to the ends, and most importantly compliments your skin and eye color. To achieve fantastic hair color a hairstylist must master both technique and chemistry. We take great pride in thoughtfully planning color placement, formulating the hair color, patiently allowing the hair color to transform existing pigments of the hair. We use hair color that is infused with five different essential oils leaving your hair feeling better than before. 


Like most things in life the best parts are the beginning and the end. You salon visit is no different.  A nice scalp massage relieving built up tension from the stresses of daily life is one of the true luxuries of life. We think many hairstylists forget this, rushing through your shampoo experience leaving you wanting more time relaxing and less time talking. The blow-dry can be either painful with excessive pulling or have you wanting to take a nap during the service because you’re so relaxed. We prefer to help you relax and enjoy your few moments of peace before your rushing back to life as usual. 


Permanent wave

Hair Stylists don’t do too many perms anymore, but thankfully Kim did thousands of them in her early years as a hairdresser. There is a high degree of difficulty in creating the right amount of curl in the hair without damage. This is why we require a consultation before every permanent wave service, to assure your desired results can be achieved without damage.  Creating a pre and post service plan is essential to the overall results of the curl. 


Products & Accessories

Why do we carry and recommend professional hair care? The past few years there has been a growing demand for sulfate and paraben free hair care products. Sulfates give products their cleaning and lather power. Parabens give products their shelve life. What many manufacturing companies have done to replace these two additives is increase the pH stripping the hair of natural oils, creating color fadage,  and damaging the outer layers of the hair that are meant to protect the inner layers. We recommend KINACTIF and KINESSENCES Hair Cosmetics infused with five essential oils, utilizing the patented “active inside system”, created on the beautiful shores of Spain. 


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