Are Hair Salons a safe place to receive salon services? YES! I follow all California mandated safety protocols in my Monrovia Hair Salon.

Are Hair Salons Safe?

With the recent concerns about hair salons in Los Angeles contributing to the spread of various diseases, it has created much concern from the public about their favorite hair salon. With the proper sanitation practices in place, it’s safer in the salon than going to a hairstylist’s home, or having your hairstylist come to you. 

A recent contact tracing study out of New York proved that with proper protocols salons contribute to the spread of disease .014% of the time. The key to safety lies in salon sanitation and disinfecting of implements, and following the California Public Health mandated protocols. 

If you are concerned about the safety of hair salon, please feel free to ask any questions by booking your virtual consultation or contact me directly.

As a member of the advisory council of the Professional Beauty Federation of California,  there are many laws and initiatives that I advocate for in the professional beauty industry.

At the onset of the 2020 pandemic, I was asked to write a declaration for the courts and state officials on the safety protocols that every licensed cosmetologist is trained in to pass California State Board testing. It is a testimony to our training and regular sanitation/disinfecting practices prior to the pandemic. Also, the letter includes additional protocols that should be part of daily life in a hair salon, protecting clients from the spread of viral and bacterial infection.

I’ve added this page to my website so that the consumer can:

  • learn what a hairstylist’s training entails
  • know what to look for when they visit the salon
  • understand the purpose of a cosmologist’s licensure
  • ensure their own health and safety by supporting hairstylists that follow the mandated guidelines
I hope this information is helpful to put your mind at ease when visiting the salon.
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