For Normal to Dry Hair

Normal to dry hair doesn’t always present bad hair days. But in dryer weather dry hair can look tired. Our products infuse hydration back into your hair and create maximum shine and controllability.  They bring dry hair back to life!

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  • Pro Hair Care

    HAUTE By KINSTYLE Sea Salt Spray

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    Achieve effortless beachy waves, textured styles, and healthy shine with Kinstyle Sea Salt Spray. This texturizing mist is infused with sea salt, vitamins, and white tea extract to nourish and protect hair.

  • For Dry Damaged Hair

    KINACTIF™ N°1 Nourishing 2-IN-1 Mask

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    Customized Nourishment for Luxuriously Soft Hair

    Unleash the transformative power of KINACTIF™ N°1 Nourishing 2-in-1 Mask, a versatile formula designed to deeply nourish and hydrate all hair types. This innovative product offers the ease of a daily conditioner with the transformative power of an intensive treatment, allowing you to customize your hair care routine for optimal results.

  • For Normal to Dry Hair

    KINACTIF™ N°1 Nourishing Melting Extract

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    Luxurious Nourishment for Every Strand

    Transform your hair with KINACTIF™ N°1 Nourishing Melting Extract, a weightless leave-in treatment designed to intensely nourish and revitalize all hair types. This luxurious formula melts effortlessly into your hair, delivering a multitude of benefits for a truly transformative experience.

  • For Fine Limp Dull Hair

    KINACTIF™ N°1 Nutrition Daily Moisturizing Shampoo

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    Luxurious Daily Hydration for Weightless Shine

    Experience the gentle touch of luxury with KINACTIF™ N°1 Nourishing Daily Moisturizing Shampoo, formulated to nourish and hydrate all hair types without weighing it down. This sulfate- and silicone-free formula gently cleanses while providing essential moisture, leaving your hair soft, shiny, and manageable – perfect for everyday use.

  • Pro Hair Care

    KINACTIF™ N°1 Nutrition Detangling Spray

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    Effortless Detangling for Luxuriously Soft Hair

    Unleash the power of effortless detangling with KINACTIF™ N°1 Nutrition Detangling Spray, a weightless leave-in treatment designed to transform your hair care routine. This innovative formula, infused with luxurious ingredients, melts away tangles and knots, leaving your hair manageably soft and beautifully hydrated.

  • Pro Hair Care

    KINESSENCES™ Antiox Leave-in Conditioner

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    1 Leave-in Conditioner With 14 Benefits

    KINESSENCES™ Antiox Nectar is a creamy leave-in conditioning spray that is rich in antioxidants, provides 14 extraordinary benefits for radiant long-lasting hair color, and contains 90% naturally derived ingredients.

    *The Antiox products were formerly sold under Kinnesence Detox and rebranded to Kinnessence Antiox. It also works as a great alternative to any of the KINACTIF Extracts that have been discontinued. 

  • Pro Hair Care


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    Gentle Cleansing for Normal to Dry Hair

    Pamper your hair with the luxurious KINESSENCES™ Nourish Gentle Shampoo, a sulfate-free, paraben-free, and vegan formula designed to cleanse and hydrate normal to dry hair. This gentle shampoo utilizes the power of five naturally derived millenary oils to nourish and revitalize your locks, leaving them soft, manageable, and beautifully healthy.

  • Pro Hair Care

    KINESSENCES™ Nourish Intense Hair Mask

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    Deep Moisture & Transformation for Dry Hair

    Experience the restorative power of nature with KINESSENCES™ Nourish Intense Hair Mask, a gentle yet powerful treatment designed to moisturize and revitalize normal to dry hair deeply. This luxurious mask is infused with a unique blend of five precious millenary oils scientifically chosen to deliver transformative results. KINESSENCES™ Nourish Intense Hair Mask goes beyond basic conditioning to deliver a transformative in-salon experience at home.


  • Pro Hair Care

    Kinstyle Gellin Styling Gel

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    Kinstyle Gellin Styling Gel: Unleash Flawless, Defined Curls | Long-Lasting Hold, Frizz-Free Shine | Perfect for All Hair Types | Shop Now & Embrace Your Curl Confidence!

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