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6 Tips To Break Free From Ugly Heat Damaged Hair

Doesn’t everyone want amazing-looking hair every day? Most of us aren’t blessed with hair that doesn’t require blow dryers, magic wands, or straightening irons to transform our hair from a mess to miraculous. If you find yourself saying, “Mirror mirror on the wall, why do my curls go frizzy and fall.” Chances are you’ve got heat damaged hair (GASP).

So, how can we avoid heat damaged hair and still have locks that we love? We’ve got you covered with our 6 Pro Tips to defend against heat damaged hair.

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5 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

The struggle is real! With the demands of family, work, household duties, social life, and health there’s not much time left over for complicated hairstyles that take time and expertise to achieve. Not to worry! We’ve got 5 easy hairstyles for long hair that even the most hair-challenged woman can achieve.

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Not A “Just A Hairstylist”

I’ve been a hairstylist for a long time. Long enough to have done my fair share of spiral perms, French twists, mullets, and who can forget “the Rachael” haircut. I’ve used more boxes of foils, swept more hair, emptied more cans of hairspray than I could even count, and if Malcomn Gladwell’s rundown of mastery in his best-seller “Outliers” is accurate I’ve clocked 10,000 hours behind the chair six times over. But the haircuts, hair colors, and highlights aren’t what keep me picking up my comb every single day. I show up for you, to hear about your triumphs and tragedies, lighten your load, and bring a smile to your face. To share life with you. I’m not “just a hairstylist”. I’m a friend, confidant, cheerleader, and yes, sometimes a therapist.

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natural hair color

Can Natural Hair Color Be Vegan Too?

Over the years the demand for natural hair color has grown immensely. With more clients requesting beauty products derived from nature, it can be expected that there’s a rising request for vegan hair color too. The simple answer to this question is, YES, hair color can be vegan and have a high percentage of its ingredients derived from nature!

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The Best Shampoo for all Hair Types

Rarely can I confidently tell my salon clients that there’s one shampoo that’s great for all hair types, but I’ve tested Kinactif’s new Daily Moisturizing Shampoo on all hair types and I can say hands down this is the best shampoo I’ve ever tried that effectively hydrates without weighing down fine hair. It’s got me so excited that I just had to tell everyone just how amazing it is!

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Ethan at 9 learning at BLU Salon one of the best salons in the country

Owning 1 of the Best Salons in the Country

According to Salon Today magazine BLU Salon was one of the best salons in the country, and I take great pride in saying that I was the owner. What set us apart from hundreds of salons in the Los Angeles area was not that we had talented hairstylists, streamlined operations, or fantastic teamwork. I mean, we did deliver harmony, artistry, and smooth-running ops, and these things contributed to what made us one of the best salons. But what made us the best was, hands-down, our customer service.

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haircuts that make you look younger

The Best Haircuts That Make You Look Younger

You might be wondering, are there haircuts that make you look younger without having to spend thousands of dollars on plumping lifting magic elixirs, or brave the lift and tuck of going under the knife?

At times the mirror can have us saying, “Mirror mirror on the wall why does my face have to fall.” I have a long-standing joke that my cheeks have fallen, and they can’t get up. I’m talking about both sets of cheeks. 😂 So, believe me when I say, “I GET IT!”

There’s no need to rush right out to change your beautiful face because I’ve got the answers to help you age gracefully without breaking the bank. Armed with this little bit of advice, you can drive down to the salon and feel confident that with a little snip of your locks and the right styling products for your hair type, you’re hair will make you sizzle, not fizzle.

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our #1 asset

What’s Our Biggest Asset

Today’s way of the world has trained us to believe that our biggest asset is defined as something outside of ourselves. In our careers, we work our way up to feel that we are worthy. We go to great lengths to gain the respect of our families, friends, coworkers, and bosses to earn our worthiness. We invest money into our homes and retirement accounts, hoping these assets will reap profitable rewards.
Many of us view our success in life by what we own and the words people speak about us, defining our contribution to the world. Family, friends, careers, homes, cars, vacations, and IRAs are important because they can bring joy and satisfaction. But there is one asset many of us overlook, which happens to be our most valuable asset. 🤔

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fix bad hair color

How to Fix Bad Hair Color?

I can’t tell you how many clients in my hairstylist career come in frustrated, asking me to fix bad hair color. This particular problem is what pays many hairstylists’ mortgages. I’m going to be honest; trying to fix bad hair color is not my favorite thing to do. Generally, corrective color takes a long time, it’s tedious, damaging to the hair, gives clients sticker shock, and rarely does it come out Pinterest perfect. One would think a hairstylist would like a service that would fill an entire day, earning them tons of money and making them a hero because they saved the day.

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men's hairstyles

Top Trends for Men’s Hairstyles

A New Year is just around the corner. Many people tell me they don’t make those New Year’s resolutions, but I know some are thinking about career changes, relationship goals, and those inevitable health and wellness resolutions. If you’re thinking about landing that perfect job, finding lifelong happiness in a relationship, or unleashing your body’s peak performance, you may wonder what the best men’s hairstyles are for 2023. You won’t need to go to the barbershop to get a hot new haircut because we provide the slickest men’s haircuts with 5-star customer service at my Monrovia Hair Salon.

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brazilin blowout

What’s The Best Brazilian Blowout Treatment?

The Brazilian blowout is interchangeably referred to as Brazilian Keratin treatment or may simply be called Keratin Treatment. After all, the Brazilian blowout and other Keratin treatments share the same main ingredient and primarily function to eliminate frizz while smoothening locks.

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Finding the Best HAIR Salon?

There are many Monrovia Hair Salons that men and women around the San Gabriel Valley can choose from. So what makes people looking for a great haircut and hair color choose HAIR over other salons in the Los Angeles area?

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