Hair Color

At BLU Salon Apothecary, we use only the very best hair color. KINESSENCES color is ammonia-free for sensitive scalps and has full grey coverage for natural results. KINACTIF color provides vibrant pigments with rich tones. Both KINESSENCES and KINACTIF hair color are infused with five essential oils, leaving hair soft, shiny, and healthy.

Monrovia Hair Colorist

Our goal with hair color for women and men is to create beautiful colors that feel soft and healthy from the roots to the ends. We also think an important aspect of coloring hair is that it compliments your facial features, skin tone, and eye color. To achieve fantastic color, a hair colorist must master both technique and chemistry. We take great pride in thoughtfully planning color placement, formulating the color, and patiently allowing the color to transform existing pigments of the hair. We use KINESSENCES ammonia-free color for more natural-looking hair and sensitive scalps. We use KINACTIF color for high-impact color formulations, creating beautiful, long-lasting, rich tones. Our hair color lines are infused with five different essential oils, leaving your hair feeling better. 

KINESSENCES and KINACTIF Hair Colors are imported from Spain. KINESSENCES is ammonia-free, providing 100% grey coverage. Both hair color lines do not contain PPD, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, formaldehyde derivatives, or alcohol. They contain 5 highly pure ancient oils that provide numerous health and beauty benefits to the hair. They also contain an active emollient that acts before, during, and after the application of the color.

Hair color Styles

Hair Colorist Service Menu & Pricing


The new growth hair color service is a new growth retouch using KINESSENCES or KINACTIF hair color, pH balancing shampoo, and deep conditioning mask to reduce fading and increase shine, scalp and neck massage, blowout, and finish style.


The color balance service includes root-to-end hair coloring with KINESSENCES or KINACTIF hair color, pH-balancing shampoo, deep conditioning mask to reduce fading and increase shine, scalp and neck massage, blowout, and finish style.


Full-color foiling is an all-over highlighting and/or lowlighting service that includes color foiling techniques (such as traditional highlights, balayage, or ombre) distributing highlights/lowlights throughout the hair, using KINESSENCES, KINACTIF hair color, or enlightener, pH-balancing shampoo, and deep conditioning mask to reduce fading and increase shine, scalp and neck massage, blowout, and finish style. 


This partial color foiling service includes color foiling techniques that distribute highlights/lowlights throughout strategic areas, creating unique looks for blondes, brunettes, and redheads. It uses KINESSENCES, KINACTIF hair color or enlightener, pH-balancing shampoo, and deep conditioning mask to reduce fading and increase shine, scalp and neck massage, blowout, and finish style.


This color service includes color foiling techniques distributing highlights/lowlights for face-framing to accentuate haircuts and lighten around the face without the expense of more time-consuming foiling services. It’s often used with a new growth or color balancing service and uses KINESSENCES, KINACTIF hair color or enlightener, pH-balancing shampoo, and deep conditioning mask to reduce fading and increase shine, scalp, and neck massage. Blowout and finish style are not included in the pricing of this service as they are generally done with other services that do include finish work.


This color glaze or glossing service includes root-to-end glaze or glossing (often called toner) that can add renewed shine, remove unwanted warmth or cool tones, and vibrancy to hair. Color glazing is a great color for men and women to achieve a more natural hair color when blending grey without worrying about unwanted regrowth.  It can be used with other highlighting services, creating the desired tonal value. It uses demi-permanent KINESSENCES color, pH balancing shampoo, deep conditioning mask to reduce fading and increase shine, and scalp and neck massage. Blowout and finish style are not included in the pricing of this service as they are generally done with other services that do include finish work.

Corrective Color Work

Looking to fix an unwanted shade? Our hair color correction services can help! Whether your hair is brassy, patchy, or simply not the color you envisioned, our skilled stylists can transform it back to a healthy, vibrant hue.

What We Can Fix:

  • Uneven color application
  • Brassy or orange tones on blonde hair
  • Hair that’s too dark or too light
  • Faded or dull color
  • Build-up from box dyes

Our Correction Process:

During a consultation, we’ll discuss your desired outcome and assess your hair’s current condition. We’ll then develop a personalized correction plan that may include:

  • Color balancing to neutralize unwanted tones
  • Gentle lightening to achieve a lighter shade
  • Depositing color to achieve a richer, more even look
  • Deep conditioning treatments to restore hair health

Healthy Hair is Our Priority:

We understand that hair color correction can sometimes be stressful on your hair. That’s why we use only the highest quality, gentle products to minimize damage and promote healthy hair growth.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

Let our experienced stylists help you achieve the beautiful hair color you deserve. Contact us today to book a consultation and discuss your hair color correction needs.

Vivid Color Work

Ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace a look that’s as bold and unique as you are? Look no further than our vivid hair color services! We specialize in creating show-stopping hair transformations using a rainbow spectrum of vibrant colors.

A World of Color Awaits:

  • Endless Possibilities: From electric blues and fiery reds to neon pinks and mermaid greens, we have the perfect shade to match your personality.
  • Dimensional Techniques: Want a multi-colored masterpiece? We offer a variety of techniques like balayage and ombre to create stunning color combinations and depth.
  • Pastel Perfection: Craving a softer touch? We can achieve beautiful pastel hues for a whimsical, ethereal look.

Expertise You Can Trust:

Vivid hair color requires a skilled touch. Our experienced colorists will:

  • Consult with you to understand your desired look and hair history.
  • Assess your hair health to ensure a successful and healthy color application.
  • Recommend the perfect shade to flatter your skin tone and style.
  • Use top-quality products specifically designed for vibrant hair color.

More Than Just Color:

We understand that maintaining vibrant hair requires special care. We’ll provide you with personalized recommendations for hair care products and styling techniques to keep your hair color looking its best.

Don’t wait to express yourself! Book a consultation today, and let’s create a vivid hair color masterpiece that turns heads and reflects your unique style.

Contact Us @ 626-818-1620

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