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Employee retention is the art of earning long-term commitment and loyalty from your workforce. The employee-employer relationship is the heart of retention, and this relationship, like all others, requires continual attention, care, and consideration. It starts when you meet your employees; even if you think you’ve got them hooked, every employer needs to find creative ways to show their team they care. If you wait to put your finger on the pulse of job satisfaction, you risk losing valued employees, costing you time and money with a high attrition rate.

What keeps good leaders up at night?

  • Are my employees happy?
  • Will my top performers stay?
  • What more could I be doing to keep them?

Learning how to keep their team feeling valued is a top concern for today’s CEOs and HR pros … and for a good reason.

Studies show employer appreciation boosts employee longevity and  work productivity. 

  • 70% of employees who received appreciation for their good work said they were happy with their job
  • 80% of employees who were recognized within the past month said they felt fulfilled
  • Only 42% of employees who have received recognition in more than two years said they felt fulfilled.
  • 87% of employees who work for companies with robust recognition practices said they had a good relationship with their boss.
  • Only 51% of employees who work for companies with good recognition practices said they had a good relationship with their boss. 
ImageIN Corporate Benefits program

How important is your employee's appearance to their performance?

Corporate Benefits program

In my 30+ years as a hairstylist, I can say without a doubt that people’s appearance is directly related to self-esteem, performance., and overall wellbeing. 

Clients often come in for salon services right before a job interview. Many say a great haircut, hair color, or blowout gave them the confidence they needed to nail the interview leading to a job offer. 

While I can’t take credit for their skill related to their career, I am convinced that clients leave my Monrovia Hair Salon walking a little taller, feeling happier, and cared for. 

There’s nothing like a fabulous hairstyle to boost performance in all areas of life. 

The New Normal

2020 definitely changed the way companies do business; employees work from their dining room tables, face masks cover expressions, and plexiglass barriers keep team members and customers from human touch. Most managers and bosses already found it difficult to connect, build confidence, and show appreciation. Then a pandemic takes over, and what was hard now seems impossible to achieve. The stress of balancing work, home life, and safety are at all-time highs.

Employee benefits programs can be costly to businesses. Many struggling businesses find themselves cutting back on hours, benefits, and pay just to break even. With more people working from home, it can be difficult for bosses to reward their team for a job well done. Imagine an employee benefits program that increases confidence, rewards employees, and improves the ‘ImageIN’ the office and virtually. The best part it’s FREE to join. 

Corporate Benefits program

boost morale, increase retention, and stay within a budget.

The ImageIN Corperate Benefits Program

The ImageIN Corporate Benefits program began when I owned BLU Salon in Arcadia, CA. We wanted to provide employers with a unique benefits program that added value to the workplace while increasing awareness of the importance of appearance in the workplace, helping build job fulfillment and productivity while decreasing turnover.

I have resurrected the ImageIN program in 2021 to assist the Los Angeles business community in positively rebuilding job satisfaction and self-care without breaking the bank with the high cost of luxury salon services. 

Just by joining, all company employees will receive a special ImageIN Corporate Benefits card. Here’s how it works.

  • 25% off all regularly priced luxury salon services
  • 15% off all products offered in my Monrovia Salon
  • Corporate gift giving benefits that include tailor-made gift-giving for holidays and events
  • Sharing ImageIN services with clients at a discounted cost not available to the general public
  • Free WiFi access so they can work while they relax
  • Access to special appointment times that are convenient for their work schedule
  • Bookings can be conveniently made online, email, text message, or by phone
  • Fill out the form below to get started
  • An introductory offer will be delivered to  owners, human resource manager, or any other key decision-maker to experience luxury salon services in my private Monrovia Salon
  • I will collaborate with management on announcing this exciting new benefit to your team
  • all employees will be asked to opt-in by email to receive their benefits card 
ImageIN Corporate Benefits program

the best part is there is no upfront cost to the employer

Benefits program

Get started today building a more confident team, better retention, and higher productivity! Your team will thank you, knowing how much you appreciate their hard work!

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    Receive your exclusive offer of 25% off your first visit to my private luxury Monrovia Studio and experience the corporate perks available to all employees. For more information about how the ImageIN benefits program can help bring style and success to any size business, visit the "Corporate Benefits" page.