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Can Natural Hair Color Be Vegan Too?

Over the years the demand for natural hair color has grown immensely. With more clients requesting beauty products derived from nature, it can be expected that there’s a rising request for vegan hair color too. The simple answer to this question is, YES, hair color can be vegan and have a high percentage of its ingredients derived from nature!

Holistic Natural Hair Color

For many years my salons have offered the very best in natural hair color. As hairstylists, we also need to evolve as the technology of salon products becomes more aware of the need for holistic hair color. Our concern for bringing you the best in hair care should include products that do not contain ingredients of animal origin and never sacrifice animals for the purpose of testing. At the same time protect the integrity of the hair, and perform with outstanding results.

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At BLU Salon Apothecary we are proud to carry KINESSENCES™ Color. Why are we proud to carry this particular hair color?

It contains no ammonia which can cause damage and skin irritation.
90% of its ingredients are derived from natural ingredients.
It contains 5 millenary oils that provide hair extraordinary benefits.
It contains Oleic Acid adding to the hair’s softness and protecting the hair and scalp.
The water it contains is highly purified adding to restoring hair’s natural balance.
It comes in 67 shades to awaken our creativity.
There’s no animal testing EVER!
There are no ingredients of any animal origin so it is A VEGAN HAIR COLOR!
Its packaging significantly reduced the use of both plastic and paper.

KINESSENCES™ Color is a holistic natural hair color that improves the quality of the hair so there’s no need to be afraid of any adverse effects hair color can cause.

5 Millenary Oils in a Natural Hair Color

What the heck are “millenary oils” and why are they important to natural hair color?

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Millenary means ancient. These oils have been used for health and beauty purposes for centuries. They are pure concentrated oils derived from 5 continents that work to improve the texture and health of your hair.

Argan Oil derived from Africa, hydrates and nourishes hair follicles. It also aids in reducing frizz.
Macadamia Oil derived from Oceania, hydrates, strengthens, and softens hair fibers.
Kakui Oil derived from North America, contains vital antioxidants improving hair’s elasticity and boosting its vitality.
Grape Seed Oil derived from Europe, adds incredible shine and fights frizz.
Camelia Oil derived from Asia, prevents hair breakage, maintains the health of the scalp, and prevents hair loss.

It makes sense these 5 oils used by men and women for health and beauty for centuries provide fantastic benefits in today’s natural hair color.

Natural Hair Color + Oleic Acid

Oleic Acid is derived from Olive oil and is rich in Omega 9. Its high nutritional content conditions and makes the hair incredibly soft. It’s also a natural protective agent for both the hair and the scalp.

High-Purity Filtered Water

Water is the natural source of life. KIN Cosmetics puts water through a special filtering process in order to ensure the elimination of salts, minerals, and other components that can conflict with the health of hair, pigments, and the hair coloring process. It naturally reproduces the hydration that the skin and hair need, allowing them to recover their natural balance faster after the color process.

OES+v Technology

Combining the 5 Millenary Oils, Oleic Acid, and High-Purity Filtered Water is what KIN Cosmetics calls their patented OES+v technology. They believe, and so do we, that there is no better natural hair color on the market. The big bonus is that KINESSENCES™ Color is cruelty-free and vegan.

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Clients rave about the look and feel of their hair after their coloring services exclaiming that not only does their color look natural its shine is luminous!

At BLU Salon Apothecary we are happy to be able to bring this amazing natural hair color directly from Spain to Monrovia California.

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