Loving your Grey Hair

Over the years, many of my clients who receive hair color services have wondered what their natural hair color is and what they would look like if they grew their natural hair color out. When California salons closed for many weeks of 2020, it allowed lots of people to see their natural hair color. Some started to see those grey hairs creep in and called me in a 911 emergency as soon as salons were able to open. A handful of my clients began loving their natural grey, white, and silver hair and are embracing the new less is more lifestyle.

If you’re in that group of clients sporting your natural grey hair color, you need two things.

  1. A fantastic haircut
  2. The right home hair care routine

Respect The Haircut

If you’re going to respect the hair color that nature intended, you must respect the haircut. No matter if you like sexy long hairstyles, classic mid-length hair, or short and sassy haircuts, you’re relying on the haircut to help you achieve the style you want.

Don’t make the mistake of going for months without coming into the salon just because you no longer want to color your hair. The time between haircuts should never be longer than eight weeks. Even if you desire a longer style, regular haircuts keep frayed ends from breaking. Mid-length and short hair needs to be maintained every four to six weeks.

Keeping your haircut’s shape intact will help you style your hair more quickly,  allowing you to feel more confident as your natural hair color shines through.

Respect the Grey

When my clients finally make their way to my Monrovia Hair Salon with their regrowth shining through, they often find that their grey or white shade has taken on a shade of yellow and lacks shine. If this is your problem, you must respect the grey.

Most of the time, dull or yellowing hair is caused by a mineral deposit buildup on the hair. Think about if you didn’t clean your shower for a month. What would be lurking on the shower walls? Probably some lime and rust deposits left behind by your water. The same thing happens to your hair. Because the hair ends are more porous, they tend to attract more minerals than the root, leaving behind a dull or yellowish cast on the hair’s ends.

All people need to use a clarifying shampoo that removes anything that may build up on the hair. It’s also essential to alternate shampoo with grey, white, or blonde hair with a violet base to keep yellowing at bay. Using these two types of shampoos will maintain your hair’s shine and beautiful shade of grey.

Also, note that not all shampoos are created equal.

In recent years consumers have demanded that hair products don’t contain various additives like sulfates and parabens. Unfortunately, many beauty product manufacturers wanted to keep costs down, so they raised their shampoos and conditioners’ pH level to stop bacteria from growing inside the bottle. Bacteria can’t grow in a more alkaline environment. The higher the alkalinity of the hair products, the more damaging they are to the hair. In some cases, the pH level of shampoo is as high as that of a perm; only it smells much better!

We traded additives for even more damaging technology. Who knew you could pick up a bottle of shampoo at the grocery store and perm your hair with it too? If you don’t believe me, order some pH sticks on Amazon and test your hair care products and your tap water while you’re at it.

Pure water has a neutral pH of 7. Anything slightly higher or lower can have some benefits. But too high or too low can create dull, damaged, and yellowing hair.

Kinactif Hair Care is designed to have distinct benefits on various hair conditions, managing the pH to work with you instead of against you.

For example, the Kinactif Silver Shampoo is at a 6.9 pH, versus Kinactif Color Shampoo is at a 4.8 pH. The Silver Shampoo has a slightly higher pH level to allow the violet pigment to deposit into the hair, taking any yellow out of the grey, white, or blonde hair. Kinactif Color Shampoo has a slightly more acidic pH to seal the hair’s cuticle layer protecting hair color from fading.

I understand this all might be way too much information than you want to know about shampoo, but it is vital to receive a hair care prescription from a professional to give you the results you want in your home hair care routine.

Kinactif Silver Shampoo is a GREAT way to manage any yellow tones in your naturally white, grey, or blonde hair. Using the right Kinactif Shampoo and Conditioner can keep your hair healthy, shiny, and beautiful!

It seems we will be wearing face masks for a little while longer. No one will see your smile, but everyone will see your hair. Make sure it’s looking its best with a great hair cut and hair care prescription from me, The Monrovia Hair Stylist!

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