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  • Pro Hair Care

    KINESSENCES™ Nourish Hair Oil

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    Luxurious Moisture & Frizz Control for Normal to Dry Hair

    Transform your hair care routine with KINESSENCES™ Nourish Oil, an ultra-concentrated, gentle hair oil infused with the power of five precious millennial favorite oils. This luxurious elixir offers a wealth of scientific benefits, including deeply nourishing dry hair, eliminating frizz, and restoring a healthy, radiant shine.

  • Vegan Hair Care

    KINESSENCES™ Nourish Oil Cream

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    Luxurious Haircare for All Hair Types

    Unleash nature’s transformative power with KINESSENCES™ Nourish Oil Cream, a gentle, multi-benefit hair treatment formulated for all hair types, even the finest or scalps prone to produce excess oil. This luxurious cream is infused with a unique blend of five precious millennial favorite oils, offering a wealth of scientific benefits to revitalize, protect, and beautify hair. This vegan oil cream is free of harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens, making it a gentle and sustainable choice for conscious consumers.

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