Kim Hansen, Monrovia Hairstylist & Owner of BLU Salon Apothecary

If you’ve been searching on Google for a “hairdresser near me”, your search is over! As a professional Monrovia hairstylist, my goal is to provide exceptional salon services & products to the clients who visit BLU Salon Apothecary. We create flattering haircuts for men and women, hair colors, and hairstyles that fit unique lifestyles. We offer women and men exceptional customer service, and years of experience has taught us to listen to the needs of our clients, solve their problems, and assist people to feel more confident in their daily life.  

Monrovia Hairstylist and Salon
Monrovia Hairstylist

At BLU Salon Apothecary we provide high-quality professional salon hair care, air care, and body care. Our hair color is ammonia-free, naturally derived, and infused with five essential oils. We offer professional hair care that is vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free, with ingredients derived from natural resources. Our clients also enjoy the aromas of BLU Apothecary’s plant-based air care, and luxury body care. We call it “beauty with a conscience.”



Every professional hairstylist should stay up to date on their haircut skills.  I am Vidal Sassoon trained “Styler”, and have extensive education in haircuts for women and men. I utilize shear, razor, and clipper tools to achieve the best results, giving you long-lasting style, that’s easy for you to manage at home.


Hair Color

My goal is to create beautiful shiny healthy-looking hair color. Protecting the integrity of the hair while managing unwanted underlying pigments, such as too much gold or too much ash tones, requires an understanding of chemistry, technique, and patience.  The results will have people stopping you in the street to comment on how beautiful your hair color is. 


Hair Styling

What’s the best part of getting your hair done? The shampoo and blowdry! Relax and receive a scalp massage, hair repair treatment, and professional styling service. Whether you like sleek, simple, or big and bouncy hair you will leave feeling fantastic. Everyone deserves a little pampering!

Monrovia Hairstylist

If you’re searching for “hairdressers open near me” try us at BLU salon Apothecary. We are Monrovia Hairstylists ready to serve you in a clean and private environment. We provide a serene salon environment offering professional luxury hair salon services with top-tier customer service. We don’t just care for your hair. We care for your mind, body, and soul. Come in and relax and enjoy at BLU Salon Apothecary. 

2020 definitely changed the way companies do business; employees work from their dining room tables, face masks cover expressions, and plexiglass barriers keep team members and customers from human touch. Most managers and bosses already found it difficult to connect, build confidence, and show appreciation. Then a pandemic takes over, and what was hard now seems impossible to achieve. The stress of balancing work, home life, and safety are at all-time highs.

Employee benefits programs can be costly to businesses. Many struggling businesses find themselves cutting back on hours, benefits, and pay just to break even. With more people working from home, it can be difficult for bosses to reward their team for a job well done. Imagine an employee benefits program that increases confidence, rewards employees, and improves the ‘ImageIN’ the office and virtually. The best part it’s FREE to join. 


Basic hours of operation are Tuesday 12:00-8:00 and Thursday-Friday 9:00-5:00. However, I understand busy lives and schedules, therefore work when my clients are available. Please call or message me directly for your scheduling request. I will do my best to provide services on your time and your way. 

This will depend on the hair color service itself. If coloring services are done by a professional hairstylist, balayage, ombre, and shadow root techniques generally are done a few times a year. Traditional highlighting services are done every 10-12 weeks, and a root retouch are done 4-6 weeks.

There is no better way to manage damaged hair than regular haircuts, even if that means just trimming a half an inch off every 8 weeks. In addition to regularly maintaining your hair, a quality shampoo and conditioner that is fortified with proteins will strengthen weakened hair. Adding a professional hair reconstructor and/or mask will further rebuild and hydrate damaged hair. 

YES! I have a robust clientele of men of all ages, and many are just as particular about their hair as my women clients. 

Women’s haircuts are $85 and Men’s haircuts are $65. Why they difference in pricing? Time. Women’s haircuts generally take 15 minutes longer due to the styling and finish work involved. 

There’s nothing more nerve wracking than trying a new hairstylist! But there are a few ways to take the fear out of trying someone new. Schedule a consultation either virtually or come into my salon in Monrovia. We can discuss your concerns, desired outcome, process, lifestyle, and pricing. Another great way to try out a new hairstylist is to book a blowout. This allows you an opportunity to experience a service without the commitment of a cutting or coloring service. 

During the “Covid Crisis” both men and women grew their hair a little longer, and many women are now experiencing what their natural hair color looks like. This is opening many up to new uncharted territory with their hairstyle and hair color. We are seeing men’s haircuts a little longer with less constructed style. For the ladies a newer version of  “shag” styles, lots of layers, curtain bangs, and pops of color throughout the hair to highlight a great haircut. 

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