Finding the Best HAIR Salon?

There are many Monrovia Hair Salons that men and women around the San Gabriel Valley can choose from. So what makes people looking for a great haircut and hair color choose HAIR over other salons in the Los Angeles area?

Reason #1: Salon Harmony

No one wants to walk into a business and experience chaos.

Things like;

  • A hairstylist running late every time you walk in for your salon appointment
  • A salon environment that isn’t clean and orderly
  • Co-workers that spend more time talking about each other than your hair
  • Hairstylists that speak more than they listen
  • Music that is less than enjoyable

Sometimes you can leave the salon more stressed out than you were fighting traffic to get to your appointment on time!

Professionalism is a critical consideration in everything we do at HAIR in Monrovia so that we build a consistent salon experience every time you sit in your chair. We work hard to orchestrate an environment and service as harmonious as Pharrell Williams’s tune “Happy.”

Reason #2 HAIR Artistry

We believe that artistry is achieved through a passion for the look and feel of beautiful hair colors and haircuts. Our passion drives us to work with an open mind to become the best we can be through collaborative learning.

We want our guests to be just as passionate about their hair as we are. We know that people can’t take off a not-so-flattering haircut like they can take off a not-so-flattering pair of jeans. So we take our collaborative learning mindset to our consultation with our guests. Most of the time, our clients understand their hair better than we do. So we listen with an open mind combining their information and our skill to create a masterpiece. We also work to educate our clients how to care for their work of art at home with the right hot tools, hair brushes, and salon hair care products.  

Reason #3: Salon and HAIR Integrity

When doing hair color or chemical service, people hear us talk a lot about “maintaining the integrity of the hair.” What we mean by that is it’s just as essential to care for the inner layers of each hair as it is the overall look of the hairstyle. We feel the same about our reputation within the community, and without our integrity, in business, we would not have been able to serve our community for 33 years.

Just as we work to keep the inside layers of each hair, we care for the inside layers of each individual who enters our door with honesty, character, and integrity.

Reason #4: mind, Body, and HAIR Rejuvenation

We don’t just want to rejuvenate your hair. We want to rejuvenate your spirit.

Our guests often come into the salon after experiencing a hard day, telling us that they’ve been looking forward to their hair appointment all day! It’s an honor to be the best part of someone’s day. It’s because of hearing this from many clients that we recently brought back a few of the rituals of the service guests enjoy, like beverage service, warm hand towels infused with essential oils, and a luxurious shampoo experience.

Of course, our job is to rejuvenate hair, so we use the very best in hair care and color so that our guest’s hair has the same pizazz walking out the door as they do!

A HAIR salon with values

A few people have recently mentioned that their confirmation said they had an appointment with  H.A.I.R. asking if we changed our name, and YES WE HAVE!


We sat down recently to think about who we are and why clients come to our salon. We defined that harmony, artistry, integrity, and rejuvenation were the values that allowed us to keep clients coming back to us for many years. H.A.I.R  is the acronym for our core values, and the name fits perfectly for our emerging new brand.

We look forward to bringing every one of our guests great H.A.I.R.!

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