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What’s The Best Brazilian Blowout Treatment?

The Brazilian blowout is interchangeably referred to as Brazilian Keratin treatment or may be called Keratin Treatment. After all, the Brazilian blowout and other Keratin treatments share the same main ingredient and primarily function to eliminate frizz while smoothening locks.

However, there is a slight difference in the results with Brazilian blowout and other Keratin treatments. The traditional Keratin treatment alters the texture of hair to fully straighten it, whereas Brazilian blowout leaves your natural hair surface. Because of this, you have the option to wear curly to wavy hair with Brazilian blowout, something you would not envision with other Keratin straightening treatments.

Another difference is aftercare. There are restrictions in styling with a regular keratin treatment. You are advised to refrain from tying your hair up or washing it for at least three days after the application. With Brazilian blowout, you can style your hair without worrying about demarcation lines.

Is Brazilian blowout suitable for all hair types?

Because of its ability to relax and smoothen hair, individuals with thick or textured hair (especially those with curly, kinky hair) vouched for the Brazilian blowout treatment, but even those straight-haired peeps who want to diminish tangles and unruly strands also often undergo Brazilian blowout as a way of defrizzing hair.

Those with hair dyed or chemically processed may shy away from the treatment, but they may be one of the best candidates for a Brazilian blowout. Hair that is chemically altered in any way may have a weakened hair composition — one thing that Brazilian blowout is designed for. The formula is made to fortify hair in addition to leaving a protective film ideal for recently processed hair.

However, precautions are put into those with thin and fine hair as the formula may be strong enough to cause strain to the composition of the hair. One effective solution is to reduce the amount of chemical content in the formula to lessen the stress level on the hair.

So to answer the question, the Brazilian blowout may not be for everybody. So it is better to consult your trusted stylist to have an opinion on the health of your hair. Depending on the tolerance of your hair, you can still proceed with the procedure.

How is the Brazilian blowout done?

The process involved in the Brazilian-style blowout is not complicated. Methods may differ from salon to salon and the formula used. In general, however, the steps are akin to the methods used in chemically straightening hair that involve the following steps.

  1. Prepping Hair: In this stage, the hair will be shampooed thoroughly, usually with a clarifying shampoo, to create a base for the treatment to adhere to. Depending on the technique, your hairdresser may towel dry your hair or leave it damp.
  2. Application of the Treatment: Using the applicator brush, your hairdresser will apply the formula to your hair. The solution is usually set for around 15 to 60 minutes.
  3. Your Hair Will Be Heat-Styled: Hair is blow-dried and flat ironed to further straighten it.
  4. Rinsing the solution: The product will be rinsed then the conditioner will be applied. (In some salons, you are instructed not to wash your hair for several days after applying the treatment. Then your next appointment will be the rinsing out of the chemicals used. After rinsing, another round of treatment is applied to set the straightening effect.)
  5. Flat Ironing the Hair: For the second time, your hair will be straightened using a flat iron or blow-dryer straightening technique to seal the solution into the hair.

Overall, this time-intensive procedure will take about 90 minutes or more, depending on the length and texture of your hair. In rare cases, the process can take about 2 hours if your hair is extremely thick or long.

How much will the treatment cost me?

The Brazilian blowout done by a professional can be found within a varied range, depending on the salon and the brand of the product used. Price can start at $300, but some may charge up to $800. While you might find treatments as low as $120, it is worth mentioning that legit blowouts, in general, aren’t cheap. Therefore, be wary of super-low deals.

How long will the blowout last?

The result of the Brazilian Salon treatment is relative to the strength of the formulation. You can generally have frizz-free relaxed hair in 12 weeks with the Brazilian Blowout. You can use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner such as KINACTIF Calm Shampoo to extend the life of your blowout KINACTIF Calm Shampoo since regular shampoos can prematurely wear the effects.

You can also use products meant for recently keratin-treated hair, such as Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy. This is a valued set of shampoo and conditioner infused with lush keratin proteins coupled with nourishing oils, all vital in maintaining the moisture and protein balance in chemically treated hair.

The Brazilian blowout Pros and Cons

Based on all the information we have laid out, here’s a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of going through a Brazilian blowout.


  • Smoothens a significant amount of frizz
  • Hair will be more manageable and easier to style
  • Fortifies hair protein composition, warding off hair breakages
  • Gives hair noticeable smoothness and shine
  • Leaves hair a protective barrier against damaging environmental factors
  • Safe smoothening and straightening procedure on color-treated hair


  • The procedure can be time-consuming
  • Not a permanent hair straightening treatment
  • It Will cost you money
  • Treatments with formaldehyde may pose risks to health

The Verdict

The pros outweigh the cons of the Brazilian blowout. For an average price of $300 and a few hours in the salon, you can have hair that is “wash and wear.” You can enjoy activities that may restrict you in the past because you are too much worried about your hair getting wet and redoing it after. Occasional flat ironing or touch-ups are no longer a necessity. With Brazilian Blowout, you are no longer a slave to your hair.

Co-Authored By Mags Kavanau

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