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Top Trends for Men’s Hairstyles

A New Year is just around the corner. Many people tell me they don’t make those New Year’s resolutions, but I know some are thinking about career changes, relationship goals, and those inevitable health and wellness resolutions. If you’re thinking about landing that perfect job, finding lifelong happiness in a relationship, or unleashing your body’s peak performance, you may wonder what the best men’s hairstyles are for 2023. You won’t need to go to the barbershop to get a hot new haircut because we provide the slickest men’s haircuts with 5-star customer service at my Monrovia Hair Salon.

The Top 5 Men’s Hairstyles for 2023

Whether you’re reading this blog so that you’re #1 man can be in style, or you’re searching for a fierce new look for yourself, I guarantee these men’s hairstyles will give you renewed confidence to set the year on fire!

The Undercut

Let me keep “the undercut” simple for you, short on the sides and back long on the top.

This is probably one of the most versatile men’s hairstyles, and over the years, there have been various different versions of the undercut. Generally, this cut is either faded or disconnected from the top of the hairstyle from the sides and back. It suits wavy and straight hair textures and can be slicked back, spiked up, or loose in style.

The undercut is The Peaky Blinders cut, a little business and a little bad boy. For guys who like their sides to be super clean with some style at the top, this is a great haircut for you.

man's hairstyle undercut fade

The Textured Pompadour

When I think of a pompadour, I can’t help but think of the rockabilly days of Brian Setzer jammin out his The Stray Cat Strut. There couldn’t be any cooler haircut than James Dean himself that makes guys still want to rock the pompadour 70 years later, but Elvis wins the prize for the most iconic pompadour! If you think that the days of this bad boy high-style haircut are over, you might want to check out David Beckham, who sports the 2.0 version of the pompadour, which adds more texture to this high-style men’s haircut. There’s no question that this men’s hairstyle has been worn by some of the manliest of men, and it takes a certain attitude to carry it off.

There is sometimes a little confusion between the undercut and the pompadour hairstyle, but what sets the pompadour apart from any other men’s haircut is its swept-up volume to the front of the style. These days men use a little more hair wax and a little less hairspray to keep their coiffe more 2023 and less 1953.

men's hairstyle pompadour

The Classic Side-Part

This timeless men’s hairstyle earns it the title of “the classic” men’s haircut that earns its way into my top 5 men’s haircuts for 2023 because Mad Men will never go out of style.

The side part is the quintessential “C” level business cut and is classically tapered at the nape of the neck and about the ears, although some men like a little more fade. Add a dab of Kinactif Men’s Matte Paste, comb the hair to the side and you have understated elegance that will carry any man from work to weekend. If you’d like to freshen the side-part haircut up, a “cut-in” part is becoming more popular with the young execs who desire a subtle difference from their more-traditional counterparts.

The side-part works best with thicker, less curly hair, but I’ve cut many classic side-parts on fine hair guys.

men's hairstyle classic side part

Short and Wavy with a Trimmed Beard

I’m not sure Duck Dynasty is a thing anymore; okay, it’s not. There are a few long-bearded guys running around out there, but I think one day, the ’70s throwback will be thrown out. I’m sorry, I just needed to speak for 99% of the ladies out there who are wondering what you got hiding in your unkept secret. However, many ladies think a clean-cut short beard is very manly!

If you want a clean look, get a good clipper with a 1/4″ guard and a nice edging trimmer. This will help you groom your beard and stay clear of your lady friend getting a wild hair.

Pair your trimmed-up beard with a short wavy haircut, and you have the perfect blend of clean unruly masculinity.

Long Wavy

As much as we might want to secretly do an eye roll at the men who don’t want o break free of their long hair, I have to include it in my top 5 trending men’s hairstyles. The glam rocker days of Bon Jovi and Sting seem to have had a revival thanks to many men’s work-from-home lifestyles.

For those long-haired guys who are blessed with those surfer waves, I say embrace your inner Kahl Drago (Game of Thrones) or the well-respected Keanu Reeves despite his convention style.

Just a little Kinactif Curl Cream will enhance your waves effortlessly.

men's hairstyle long wavy

Men’s Hairstyles Can’t Be Overlooked

Some men’s hairstyles date back centuries, others decades. Each one is effortlessly appealing and certifiably fresh, even if it’s been around for ages. That’s arguably what makes it a true men’s haircut since if something’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it.

Sure, you can roll the dice on some flash-in-the-pan hairstyle ripped off the pages of a hipster website, or you can head into my Monrovia Salon and ask for a cut that works for your hair’s texture, and your lifestyle. Allow my top 5 haircuts and hairstyles for men to be your guide, giving you the confidence to head into the New Year with some swagger.

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