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Benefits of Professional Hair Color VS Home Hair Color Kits

Many consumers feel that home hair color works just as well as professional hair color. Some companies even use the term “at home professional hair color” in their marketing to make people believe that their hair color products are the same as what a professional hair colorist uses in the salon. When Covid-19 hit our world, many clients asked me if they could purchase their hair color at their local CVS, Target, or Walmart and do their hair color at home. As a professional hairstylist for 33 years, the thought of my clients putting hair color out of a box purchased from their local drug store left me in sort of a quandary.

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Caring for your Hair

The most common question I get asked in the salon is, “I have ________________ (insert dry, limp, fine, frizzy, damaged) hair, what do I do?” I wish there were a magic potion that I could give clients that would take away every client’s hair problem. But there is not one shampoo or conditioner that will make hair amazing, and while I have some fantastic hair products on my shelves, the answer to hair problems lies in a combination of good daily habits that go beyond just one magic potion.

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Safe Simple Solutions to your Salon Services

Many in the workforce who haven’t embraced their grown-out grey have been searching for their flowbees, watching do-it-yourself haircut videos, and finding solace from a box color bought through Madison Reed after all desperate times call for desperate measures. Plus, who cares what we look like because Zoom can filter out bad days, and no one can see our yoga pants and slippers.

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