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5 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

The struggle is real! With the demands of family, work, household duties, social life, and health there’s not much time left over for complicated hairstyles that take time and expertise to achieve. Not to worry! We’ve got 5 easy hairstyles for long hair that even the most hair-challenged woman can achieve.

Don’t believe us? Try them out! These 5 hairstyle hacks are simple, stylish, and look great throughout even the busiest day.

The Fancy Ponytail

easy hairstyles for long hair

Yeah, we know that anyone can throw their hair up into a ponytail. But how do you make the classic ponytail stylish enough to go from office to date night? It’s easy! Put your hair into a ponytail. You can throw a few quick beach waves in your hair or go for the smooth straight ponytail.

Either way, put your curls of flat iron before you put up your ponytail. Gather your locks into a ponytail using a hair tie to secure the hair into place. Here’s the part that makes this ponytail look extra special. Take a ribbon of hair and wrap it around the hair tie securing the hair underneath the ponytail with a bobby pin. This creates a classic finished look and hides any unsightly hair ties.

The Fresh Side Braid

modern side braid

Braids have made a big comeback in recent years. Some of them are too complex to call quick and easy hairstyles. Let’s keep it uncomplicated while adding some pizzazz by bringing your braid to the side.

Simply brush all of your hair to one side. Once the hair is brushed to the side split the hair into 3 sections and braid the hair down to the ends securing it with a hair tie. This look is clean and classic, but if you want to add a fresh twist, making the side braid a little more sassy, carefully pull apart sections of the braid using a light finishing spray to keep a stylish “undone” all day. If Nicole Kidman can look beautiful in a side braid so can you!

The Twist on The Bun

Here’s a new twist on the classic bun that will have everyone thinking you’re a genius with your hair! Loosely gather your hair into a low ponytail then gently twist the hair and coil it into a loosely coiled bun at the nape of the head. Fasten the hair with several bobby pins making sure it feels secure to the head. The looser your coil the hair the more “undone” your finished style will look. Pull a little hair out around your face for a softer look.

If you prefer a cleaner more classic look twist the hair a little more and keep the coil tighter to the head. Magically you have created the most beautiful sexy easy hairstyles for long hair that look amazing throughout even the busiest of days.

The Get Up & Go Beachy Wave

braided beach waves

If you’re too busy to mess around with wands and beach wavers in the early morning hours don’t worry. We’ve got the beach wave hack that is so easy and looks oh-so-amazing. Before you hit your pillow at night braid 2 pigtails into damp hair. Make sure your hair isn’t super wet because it won’t dry in the pigtails by the time the coffee starts brewing. When you’re ready to do your hair take the braids out. If they are still a little damp simply hit them with a blowdryer before taking them out using a softer airflow setting on your blowdryer.

Once your braids are undone lightly finger through the waves with a small amount of Kinessence Oil Cream. This will add a little shine and smooth out any frizz. If you want a little volume in your mane spray Kinstyle’s Haute Dry Volume Shampoo at the roots adding some lift without the hairspray. It’s so easy to create soft touchable hair without burning your fingertips on those styling wands!

The Updo With a Scarf

easy hairstyles for long hair

This one might have you stumped, but hear us out on this one. We think it’s such a cute or sophisticated look depending on the scarf you use. Plus it’s one of those easy hairstyles for long hair that is unique setting you apart from everyone else in the office.

Start by folding a long scarf length-wise. Put your hair in a low ponytail. Then place the scarf around your head tying it at the nape of the neck. Finish by tying the tails of the scarf around the ponytail. Finally, pull a few pieces of hair around the face to create a feminine updo that’s professional enough for even “C-level” execs who like to show their softer side. It’s a new twist on a 70’s style that will have people thinking you’re a hair genius!


easy styles or long hair

Here’s our bonus hairstyle that anyone can achieve! Headbands, headbands, and more headbands! Who needs a “claw clip” when you have fashionable headbands? Get a few that match your wardrobe for those days when you’ve hit the snooze button one too many times. They help to create easy hairstyles for long hair that keep your hair away from your face looking good all day long. No one will know how many times you pressed “snooze”.

Even short-haired girls can rock a headband for a little sass and class!!!

There You Have It! 5 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair Plus a Bonus Style!

cute short hair with headband

Whether you’re a working mom, a busy career-minded woman, or just have long days with lists of things to get done, your hair can look great while you’re running from one thing or another with these super easy hairstyles for long hair that anyone can do. Cheers to the busy hair-challenged women out there!!!!

Let us know if you have a hair challenge in your life. We’d be happy to give you all the tips and tricks to make your life easier with great hair to boost your confidence.

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