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The Best Blow Dryers, Irons, And Brushes For Your Hair Type

Many people ask me for advice on the best blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and hairbrushes. There are so many choices with newer Ceramic, Tourmaline, and Titanium technology.  So what exactly does all this high-tech stuff do? Emit negative ions for a smoother look with less time. Positive ions are caused by many things, such as harsh chemicals, heat damage, and static electricity. When you put negative ions into hair, they neutralize positively charged electrons to give you runway-worthy style.

What does Infrared Heat have to do with finding the best blow dryers?

Infrared heat radiates similar to sunlight without UV rays. It gets deep into the hair shaft to relax, soften, and dry hair from the inside out. All of the best hairbrushes, curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers are made from Ceramic, Tourmaline, and Titanium to emit infrared heat, giving you a faster, better way to dry and style hair. Infrared heats hair evenly while breaking up the water molecules into smaller, more absorbable parts to create a protective barrier that keeps moisture in and bacteria and microbes out. Ok, maybe you don’t want a science lesson, but now you know why the best flat irons and hair styling tools use these elements in their technology. Next, we can discuss how purchasing the best hairdressing brushes and tools affect your hair and wallet!

Is Ceramic the best curling irons, flat irons, hairbrushes, and blow dryers?

If you’re looking for good hair styling tools that don’t break your bank account, Ceramic is usually the least expensive way to go, but not all ceramic styling tools are created equal. Many of them are only ceramic coated. Many styling tools say they are Ceramic but are actually made with metal or even plastic and then coated with Ceramic. The more layers of Ceramic in your round brush or flat iron, the better. If you want the best flat iron, invest in one with 100% solid ceramic plates. Irons that are not solid Ceramic will chip, creating “hot spots” that damage your hair. Styling tools that use 100% pure ceramic are well worth the additional money. Also, note that Ceramic is a softer material, so being gentle with these tools will make the difference in how long your styling aids will last, keeping your hair looking flawless.

Ceramic is best for:
•Thin to thick hair
•Normal to moderately damaged hair
•Regular use

What’s the best hair dryer brush for curly hair?

Each anti-frizz ingredient you add into your daily styling routine is just one more step to taming unmanageable hair. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone crushed and fused or layered on top of Ceramic or Titanium materials to give you EXTRA POWER! Adding Tourmaline to ceramic creates a smoother glide so that there’s less friction with hair than ceramic alone. Less friction helps hair receive minor damage, needs less product and gives hair MAXIMUM SHINE! If you want the best hairbrushes for fine or damaged hair, consider spending a few more dollars on getting a brush or iron infused with Tourmaline.

Tourmaline is best for:
•Thin to coarse hair
•Normal to damaged hair
•Regular use

What’s the best flat iron for frizzy hair?

Irons, hairbrushes, and blow dryers containing titanium stop frizz and static electricity before it even starts! It has all the benefits of infrared heat in a naturally occurring metal that is as strong as steel but 40% lighter, and who doesn’t want a lighter blow dryer? Titanium is a supercharged heat conductor, so it works more efficiently and leaves your hair with a silky texture. Titanium products might be better suited for professional use or very thick coarse hair. If you have thin, fine, or damaged hair and use a Titanium product, be sure to keep it on the lowest heat and don’t use it daily.

Titanium is best for:
•Thick to coarse hair
•Normal hair
•Professional use

So what the best hair styling tools are for your hair type?

If you have thin to normal hair, it’s unnecessary to purchase the best blow dryers and styling tools out there. 100% pure Ceramic will give you stunning hair. Tourmaline gives you an even added boost and is great for all hair types. Finally, titanium will provide the most benefits course unruly hair and will be worth the money for the time you will save for faster and better results.

I use Ergo Styling Brushes and carry them in my Monrovia Salon! GHD and Babybliss have the best blow dryers, curling, and flat irons. If you need assistance finding the best hair styling products for your hair, let’s talk at your next visit to the salon.

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