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Benefits of Professional Hair Color VS Home Hair Color Kits

Many consumers feel that home hair color works just as well as professional hair color. Some companies even use the term “at home professional hair color” in their marketing to make people believe that their hair color products are the same as what a professional hair colorist uses in the salon.

When Covid-19 hit our world, many clients asked me if they could purchase their hair color at their local CVS, Target, or Walmart and do their hair color at home. As a professional hairstylist for 33 years, the thought of my clients putting hair color out of a box purchased from their local drug store left me in sort of a quandary. I knew my clients didn’t all want their grey hair peeking through, but at the same time, I know the disasters that at home hair color and lack of understanding of application can create.

Many people think that home hair color purchased at the drug store or Sally’s Beauty Supply is equal to salon color. I want to take some time to explain why doing your hair color at home can be far more damaging than a color done by a professional hair colorist.


Without getting too technical, it’s the size of the color molecule. Over the counter color has 80% oxidative dyes and 20% direct dyes. Home hair color has a much larger molecule than professional hair color, and many at home hair colors use a 25 volume peroxide. Some home hair color is a liquid formulation. These have an even larger color molecule suspended in hair bubbles. For these color molecules to penetrate the hair shaft, all 7 to 12 of them, the hair shaft must be opened wide enough to admit the color molecule into the interior of the hair. A larger color molecule requires a higher concentration of ammonia to open the cuticle layer wide enough to accept the larger molecule. The wider the outer layers of the hair are opened, the more damage the hair will become. The average ammonia content of home hair color is 4%, whereas salon color is .54 to 2% ammonia.


For many years I used AVEDA hair color and loved it! However, a few years ago, I found KINNESSENCE hair color and fell in love with its shiny, long-lasting results. KINNESSENCE has no ammonia, so it’s less damaging to the hair. Because the color molecules in KINESSENCE hair color are small enough to deposit into the hair shaft without ammonia, the cuticle layer (the outer layer of the hair) is less damaged, and less fading occurs. Not only does KINNESSENCE hair color contain no ammonia, but it’s infused with five highly pure essential oils; kukui oil, grapeseed oil, camellia oil, argan oil, and macadamia oil. These oils are released inside the cortex (inner layer) of the hair resulting in intense shine, protecting the hair from UV rays, and deliver minor fading of hair color. KINNESSENCE hair color is also free of PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), which is the most common reason for allergic reactions to hair color.


The average person colors their hair every four to eight weeks. Many people who do their hair color at home pull the formula thru each time to refresh the color, putting high amounts of ammonia over ammonia each & every time. Ammonia is the culprit of damaging the hair, at the average of 2 to 4% in most box colors & with the higher peroxide volume at 25 volume, and it will leave the hair rough in texture; the color will fade out sooner, and the hair will lack shine. A salon for hair color carries professional hair color, which utilizes much smaller molecules, uses less or even no ammonia, has 100% oxidative dyes with no direct dyes, and can work off a lower volume peroxide system. Suppose your hair color specialist chooses to refresh the previously colored hair. In that case, she/he will generally remix a formula with a 5 to 6 volume peroxide with no ammonia to minimize any damage. The results of hair color done by a professional hair colorist is a beautiful hair color that lasts longer, is healthier, and shinier because professional hair color is far superior to home hair color.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation for pricing and services, you may book your consultation or any services directly online. I look forward to seeing you at my relaxing Monrovia Salon.

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