Soft Fixing Wax with a Matte Finish


Soft Fixing Wax with a Matte Finish

KINMEN Hair Matte Clay 100ml

Soft-textured fixing wax with a matte finish allows the hair to be shaped, sculpted, or tousled. Ideal for short or medium hair. It contains Bee Wax that provides antioxidant properties and hydration to the hair.

You should purchase a soft fixing wax with a matte finish if you are:
  • A guy!
  • A lover of rich earthy manly aromas.
  • Want a styling product that holds with a  soft dry matte finish
You should not purchase a soft fixing was with a matte finish if you are:
  • Prefer a shiny finished look.
  • Prefer a more rigid spray finish
  • Prefer a softer hold
How to use KINMEN Hair Matte Clay:

Melt a small amount of hair clay between the hands and apply it on dry hair, working it over the whole head or to individual locks using your fingers.



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