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What’s Our Biggest Asset

Today’s way of the world has trained us to believe that our biggest asset is defined as something outside of ourselves. In our careers, we work our way up to feel that we are worthy. We go to great lengths to gain the respect of our families, friends, coworkers, and bosses to earn our worthiness. We invest money into our homes and retirement accounts, hoping these assets will reap profitable rewards.

Many of us view our success in life by what we own and the words people speak about us, defining our contribution to the world. Family, friends, careers, homes, cars, vacations, and IRAs are important because they can bring joy and satisfaction. But there is one asset many of us overlook, which happens to be our most valuable asset. 🤔

A Hairstylists Insights

Some people may look at what I do for a living and think I am “just a hairstylist.” While there’s some truth in that statement, a 30+ year career has allowed me an outsider’s perspective into many people’s lives. I’ve witnessed many expend copious amounts of energy and resources on what society considers valuable while ignoring the asset that keeps it all afloat.

Clients walk into my Monrovia Hair Salon, exhausted from all the balls they have in the air. I can see the weight of people’s responsibilities when they walk through the door’s threshold. I can’t tell you how many people say, “OMG, I’m so glad I’m here,” as if I am about to perform some sort of magic trick that lifts their burdens.

biggest asset

Well, my shears are not a magic wand, and I am not a formally trained psychotherapist, but I people do refer to me as their “hairapist.” 😂Hairapist is a comical term coined by someone a number of years ago when they told me they felt better after leaving my salon than they did their therapist couch. I thought it was so funny that I started using the term when I want to play the comedic hairstylist. Because sometimes hairstylists have to be entertainers too!

Now I am not suggesting that I personally have some power to make people feel better about life. After all, I really am “just a hairstylist” who has the unique opportunity to see people’s vulnerabilities because, let’s face it, I have a shear as sharp as a surgeon’s scalp right next to your ear. 😲On the more serious side, other than your doctor or partner, who do you allow into your personal space? Answer: Your Hairstylist. Clients get to let down their hair with me.😂

Okay, now that we’ve established a hairstylist’s unique privilege and insight, let’s get more into what it has to do with our biggest asset because I am not it.

What’s the Point Kim?

My point is that all these so-called “assets” drain our most valuable resource, and when people take the time to get their hair done, they have a moment to renew our biggest asset.

You might wonder, is she suggesting that my hair is my biggest asset? Answer: Oh, heck no. Hair is just hair, and while I might believe it’s your crowning glory, it’s just your hair in the grand scheme of life. But, I will say that shiny, healthy hair, a well rested body, glowing skin, and a positive outlook indicate how well we care for our biggest asset.

So What is our Biggest Asset?

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, your biggest asset is YOU.

biggest asset

Without caring for ourselves, all those other so-called assets don’t matter, and the fact of the matter is that what society deems as valuable assets; jobs, money, homes, family, friends, etc., etc., can cause as much stress as they do joy and satisfaction. Life can get overwhelming if we don’t take the time to care for ourselves. Most of us know this is true. So what stops us from caring for ourselves as we care for everything else? 🤷🏻‍♀️

The 2 Big Reasons

Time⌛ and money💰 are the two biggest hurdles we face when we are looking at caring for our #1 asset, and just like everything else, we need to insert ourselves into our schedule and budget

We all need to schedule a time to exercise, rest, and eat well on our week’s priority list. We also need to set aside money in our budgets for what takes care of us. Part of taking care of ourselves is caring for the way we look. It simply makes us feel better.

Don’t Bankrupt YOU!

When clients walk into my salon, finally taking time and money for themselves, they breathe a sigh of relief, and while I love being the best part of someone’s week, I care enough about my clients to want them to feel good all the time. Not just the brief time they spend in my chair.

The secret to always feeling good is prioritizing our #1 asset.

biggest asset

When life gets busy and money gets tight, the first things to go are what helps us feel good. Until we reach the brink of throwing the hairbrush at the mirror and saying, “I hate my hair!” I know, I get it, I’ve done the same. But because I want you to take care of your biggest asset, YOU, part of my job as a hairstylist is to help you design a plan that fits into your schedule and budget.

I also know that sometimes our pride gets in the way, and it’s hard to say, “I can’t afford this” or “I can’t find the time for this.” I want you to know I’ve worked with many clients over the year to help them fit caring for their hair into their schedules and budgets.

A client recently told me she wanted to get her grey hair colored more often but didn’t want to spend two hours in the salon every four weeks. I was able to let her know about my express retouch service, one hour and grey hair covered for just $58. Plus, she signed up for my weekly emails and discovered even more savings with one of my monthly special offers. She books her next appointment before she leaves the salon to ensure she gets her preferred spot, but if you’re signed up to receive my emails, you can be in the know of weekly openings booking online right after you throw the hairbrush at the mirror.

This same principle applies to hair care at home. Kinactif hair care is not as pricy as you may think. A great shampoo costs a few dollars more but will last longer and help your hair feel and look fabulous!

So before you cut your biggest asset out of your schedule and budget🛑, talk to the pros that help you take care of YOU. You’re worth the time and money.

biggest asset
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