haircuts that make you look younger

The Best Haircuts That Make You Look Younger

You might be wondering, are there haircuts that make you look younger without having to spend thousands of dollars on plumping lifting magic elixirs, or brave the lift and tuck of going under the knife?

At times the mirror can have us saying, “Mirror mirror on the wall why does my face have to fall.” I have a long-standing joke that my cheeks have fallen, and they can’t get up. I’m talking about both sets of cheeks. 😂 So, believe me when I say, “I GET IT!”

There’s no need to rush right out to change your beautiful face because I’ve got the answers to help you age gracefully without breaking the bank. Armed with this little bit of advice, you can drive down to the salon and feel confident that with a little snip of your locks and the right styling products for your hair type, you’re hair will make you sizzle, not fizzle.

A Good Bra, A good Moisturizer, and a Great Hairstylist

Now I’m not one who’s going to knock a plastic surgeon’s scalpel, the magic of fillers and botox, or the power of lasers to fight off each wrinkle and sag that appears with every trip around the sun. But with the rising cost of gas, groceries, and housing here in So Cal, not everyone can afford to soften the lines and lift the droops.

I’m going to pass along some wise advice imparted to me by one of my clients. The three essentials in life are a good moisturizer, a good bra, and a great hairstylist. As funny as that is, let’s be honest, it’s totally true. A bad bra, moisturizer, or great hairstylist can cause us a bit of frustration. And while I’m not in bra sales, I know a bit about what face creams are the best and a lot about haircuts that make you look younger.

The Looks

No matter if you’re blessed with the good genes of no grey, are a sultry brunette, sassy redhead, or fabulous blonde there’s nothing like a beautiful haircut that flatters your face and fits your style. These haircuts that make you look younger are my proven timeless styles that no matter if you’ve got a head full of curls or as sleek as Cleopatra there is a look that compliments everyone.

The Layered Bob

haircuts that make you look younger layer bob

This classic hairstyle is one that no matter how thick or fine your hair is, it’s timeless. The layered bob goes from the boardroom to the bedroom as it’s both classy and sexy. You can sport a longer version if you occasionally clip your hair up off your face.

Long Layers with Fringe

haircuts that make you look younger long layers

For those who don’t want to chop it all off, longer hair with layers can give hair fullness and create softness around the face, and there’s no better way to hide those lines on the forehead than a little fringe. This versatile haircut can be worn smoothly or with soft waves and works great for those of us who struggle with fine or thinning hair.

Curly Layered Wedge

hairccuts that make you look younger the wedge

If you’re lucky enough to be a curly girl this layered wedge will give you the carefree sassiness you’re looking for. It’s fun, youthful, and looks as good when you walk out of a room as it does when you walked in. Just little curly cream, and you’ll be good to go for the entire day!

Side Swept Bang

haircuts that make you look younger side swept bang

Nothing is hotter than a side-wept bang and can be worn with longer or mid-length hairstyles. They are generally easier to style than a shorter fringe and create softness around the face. Pretty much any face shape can pull off a side-swept bang ad look great from morning til evening.

Chin Length Bob

haircuts that make you look younger chin length bob

The chin-length bob is the epitome of class and sophistication creating a touch of softness around the jaw and neck area. It works beautifully for finer thinner hair, and adding a touch of lightness around the face adds a modern look to this timeless classic.

Classic Pixie

haircuts that make you look younger classic pixie

If you’re brave enough to cut it all off the classic pixie is a carefree style that works for almost any hair texture. Even curly hair can pull off this bold confident statement. It looks fabulous for those women who are blessed with good bone structure and a beautiful long neck. You can go to the gym, run off to work, and meet up with friends at any restaurant in LA without thinking about your coiffure knowing your hair looks fashionable.

Whispy Pixie

haircuts that make you look younger wispy pixie

There is nothing that looks matronly about this sassy haircut. As a matter of fact, everything about it exudes a fun and edgy style. Building soft wispy edges at the face and neck along with a little funk at the top makes this style for all those women who dare to live without structure and conform to the norm.

Asymmetrical Haircut

haircuts that make you look younger asymmetrical bob

The 90s gave birth to asymmetrical haircuts, and they have been making a strong comeback in recent years. There are various versions of this haircut, from short to long. It’s a little edgier version of the classic bob creating volume and movement in the hair. The deep side part creates sweeping softness and gets rave reviews from friends and co-workers.

Relaxed Long Layered Haircut

haircuts that make you look younger relaxed long layers

For women who don’t want to buy into “you have to go short when you get older,” I’m here to tell you I AGREE! Beautiful, shiny, healthy long hair looks beautiful no matter what your age. A few layers around the face make for a soft romantic look of husbands like long hair. I would advise those with finer thinning hair to keep the length closer to the shoulder area to maintain some fullness.

Products & Services that Keep Hair Youthful

It’s important to maintain the health and shine of our hair as we age. It can become dull, brittle, frizzy, and thanks to a lack of hormones…thinner.

Professional deep conditioning treatments can revive limp dry hair because it infuses vital nutrients deep in the hair shaft that we lose as we age. Glazes and glosses reduce unwanted tones and brighten silver, white, or steely grey hair. They also maximize shine smoothing down the cuticle layer to make hair more smooth and supple.

Keeping the hair hydrated is just as important as keeping your skin hydrated. I love all of the KINACTIF masks, plus they create amazing shine! Shampoos and conditioners that are infused with essential oils maintain the hair’s hydration and provide body, so the hair stays soft and touchable. I offer a wide array of shampoos and conditioners in my Monrovia salon and online for all hair types many contain vital antioxidants that fight against aging hair.

The Key to haircuts that makes you look younger

It’s hard to find a hairstylist that listens to you and possesses the skill and experience to guide you to the right haircut that makes you feel and look younger.

With over 30 years of experience and a love for haircutting, I am confident that I can find a haircut that will have you saying, “Mirror mirror on the wall I am beautiful after all!” And it will cost you a lot less than a visit to the plastic surgeon!

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