Ethan at 9 learning at BLU Salon one of the best salons in the country

Owning 1 of the Best Salons in the Country

According to Salon Today magazine BLU Salon was one of the best salons in the country, and I take great pride in saying that I was the owner. What set us apart from hundreds of salons in the Los Angeles area was not that we had talented hairstylists, streamlined operations, or fantastic teamwork. I mean, we did deliver harmony, artistry, and smooth-running ops, and these things contributed to what made us one of the best salons. But what made us the best was, hands-down, our customer service.

BLU Salon Best Salons

The Legacy

I closed my business in 2014 because I needed to take time to focus on my boys. Now those boys are 19 and 23. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the salon I nurtured for over 20 years. But I look at my boys thriving as young adults and know I made the right decision. But now I’m a little bored. I come from a long line of small business owners, and I’m wired to be an entrepreneur. So I’ve found myself searching for my next challenge, but secretly really miss owning one of the best salons in the country.

One of the coolest things ever is that my youngest son has developed my very same passion for hair. Some of you may even remember him folding towels, greeting clients, and stocking inventory at BLU. He may have even given you one of our signature hand massages as you relaxed at the shampoo bowl. Well, now that little boy is grown up and learning to craft fabulous hair colors and styles.

Ethan Hansen Best Salons

When he told me he wanted to attend cosmetology school, I asked him what made him want to become a hairstylist. He answered, “Even since I was little and you use to bring me into the salon with you, I knew that’s where I wanted to spend my life. I wanted to be the best and own one of the best salons just like you.” He caught the hair bug and has spent months in his room coiffing the hair of doll heads. In the salon industry, he’s called a “legacy hairstylist.” I couldn’t be more excited to watch my son pick up a tint brush and carry on what I’ve spent 30+ years passionately practicing.

Best Salons BLU Salon

Nine Years Later

It’s been 9 years since I closed BLU Salon, and I would never have thought be talking about opening another salon,with my son, who was 10 years old at the time. Geez, the work that goes into building one of the best salons. Am I crazy??? But here we are, dreaming about what we could create and build as a mother-son team. Thinking that this salon would be his to nurture and grow, I’ve spent lots of time utilizing my consulting skills and asking him questions about what he wanted to create. Most of the time, these brainstorming sessions lead back to what my team and I created, earning us the title of one of the best salons in the country.

We’ve discussed many names for our business. The latest one was H.A.I.R., an acronym for harmony, artist, integrity, and rejuvenation. The problem with H.A.I.R. is for the last few months; we’ve been working on creating our own line of natural bath and body care products. Then something interesting happened.

Ethan was at the salon he’s been working in and overheard one of the clients talking about a salon she used to go to. She said, “The best salon I’ve ever been to was in Arcadia. They really knew how to provide great customer.” So Ethan approached her and said, “I don’t mean to interrupt, but I overheard you talking about a salon you went to in Arcadia. By some slim chance, was the name of the salon BLU Salon AVEDA?” The woman answered, “YES! It was the best salon ever. They gave these great hand massages, and their staff was great! It always smelled so good too!” With great pride, Ethan said, “That was my Mom’s salon.” That opened the door to a whole conversation that left my son thinking.

A few days later, Ethan came to me and said, “Mom, my mind is a little blown by something that happened at the salon.” He proceeded to tell me about the conversation and then said, “Why are we creating something new? BLU means something to people, and it already had a reputation of being one of the best salons in LA, not to mention the entire country.” Imagine, 9 years later, my son happens to be in working in a salon, and someone is still talking about BLU. Craziness!

It’s True. We Were The Best Salon

I say “we” because, without my team, I would have never earned the title of one of the best salons.” Ethan was right. Why create something new? We just needed to bring back what people want.

I have taken a 9 year sabbatical from salon ownership. I love building a team that’s united together to bring you the very best in customer service. I love seeing hairstylists grow in their artistry, and clients enter our door to experience familiar rituals of service and leave revitalized, ready to face whatever awaits them outside our doors. BLU meant something. Our goal was to live and work as a united team to bring our customers the very best in salon services and home care products. The idea of bringing back Beauty Living United gives me chills!

the new BLU Salon logo it will be one of the best salons in LA

When Will BLU Be Back?

Opening a salon takes a lot of planning, and there’s much work to be done to breathe life back into the brand. With that said, Ethan and I are planning and working toward that goal. We heard the community’s request, and we will deliver you an all-new BLU that is better than ever.

Over the next two years, we will slowly pull back the curtain, revealing our progress to you as we go. You might be asking, “Why not right now?” My answer, if we are going to do it right, we need to take our time to deliver a spectacular new BLU. We promise the result will be worth the wait.

For now, Ethan will be perfecting his craft, and I will be working diligently behind the chair, providing stellar personal services under the BLU Salon & Apothecary name.

What… BLU Salon & Apothecary?

YES!!!!! Ethan’s love for chemistry and my love for luxurious aromas have collided with natural bath and body care products. This year you can expect amazing smells coming from the studio available for take home for you to enjoy. BLU bath and body care will also be available on my website for quick purchases delivered right to your door.

And so we begin to rebuild the best salon in Los Angeles. We hope you are excited as we are!

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